Stamford is an extraordinary village in Delaware County, New York, bordering on Schoharie County. Upon arriving it may not be immediately apparent why this village was once known as The Queen of the Catskills, but when you step out of your car, you can feel the unique character and vitality of this village.

The village of Stamford in Delaware County, New York.

New residents arrive regularly, and new and established businesses on Main Street cover everything one needs, even it it is just a little “retail therapy” and lunch. The town hosts a Tops supermarket, a Walgreens Pharmacy, a library, multiple convenience stores, and all of the small businesses and food establishments lining Main Street to Harper Street. You’ll also find a dog park, tennis and basketball courts, a playground, and a new pool coming soon.

Outdoor activities are abound with Stamford’s proximity to Mount Utsayantha, the Headwaters Trails, the Catskill Scenic Trail, and Mine Kill State Park. Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, mountain Biking, golf and other activities are also available for outdoor enthusiasts. And lastly, an outdoor, dog-friendly market hosts a variety of different artisan and other products.